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Kai (The GazettE) Rock and Read 043 Interview [Part 1]
Kai RR
(Hello! This is Yuma with her first translation ;w;

I hope you enjoy it. This is a really long interview, so please be patient! It really is a sweet interview, with it being their tenth year and from Leader-sama's point of view!

And if you want to translate it into another language, or post it anywhere else, please be sure to notify me and credit me. I spent a lot of time on this!

Ok. I present to you the first part of Kai's interview!)

The GazettE has released the long awaited new album “DIVISION” on the same day this issue has been released, on the 29th of August. Celebrating their tenth year since their formation, even though it was launched as a shocking production, what was the road like for Kai up until now? When they were in critical situations, how has he overcome them, and how they have been continuing to better the extremes. Kai investigated the GazettE’s future while reviewing this from his point of view.

Born on October 28. Blood type B. Became a member of the GazettE in February 2003 , which was formed in 2002. The other members are RUKI (vo), Uruha (g), Aoi (g), and REITA (b). Released their new album “DIVISION” on the 29th of August. The limited edition is composed of a CD and DVD named FRAGMENT [VEIN] and FRAGMENT [ARTERY]. Their live tour, “GROAN OF DIPLOSOMIA 01” begins at the Yokosuka Fine Arts Arena on the 8th of October (Monday) (Ticket sales will start on the 8th of September).

--This year is the GazettE’s tenth year, and it has been nine years since you have become a member. When you first became a member of the GazettE, did you expect to be one for this long?
- I did not think that. There were so many things I had to do that was right in front of me, so I was focused on clearing them. There was no time to think about it, and before I knew it, I came all the way here.

--I understand that you have a stoic attitude when in action. Though I’m sure that many things have happened in these ten years, is there anything that you look back on that left an impression?
-Even though It’s something that I can laugh about now, there were times when the band fell in critical situations. Of course these events would leave something in my memory.

--Eh? It’s quite surprising that the GazettE had experiences like that.
-Yes, we did have those moments. The source is opposition against a band member’s opinion. This applies to all the members of the band; whenever we argue our views, we don’t back down. Even if it’s settled, the result is that both people don’t give in. Instead of one of them yielding and settling the argument peacefully, it’s more like both calm down without submitting (laughs). Our clashes within the band are usually like that. There are many instances where both arguments sound just when looking at the dispute from the sidelines. You also realize that the other party isn’t wrong. But never does the distance of the topic narrow, and never does one side back down with an “Ok, I got it.” There were many times where the situation was really bad.

--And what did you do during those situations?
-Sometimes we discuss the problem in time and it’s settled, there are also times when we can’t do anything about it. That’s when we have a third party suggest something with “Then, how about this?” , or find a way that satisfies both people all together. That’s how we overcome these things. But because no one backs down, there are no sad feelings left over. Also, in the end, we all love the band. It’s part of ourselves, so it’s alright. If we happen to lose the feeling of completing things, we have nothing to help us. But no matter what happens, the feeling of wanting to continue the band is inside everyone, so nothing devastating ever happened.

--This tells us that the members respect each other and accept the other party. You have to think, “I’m pissed, but what he’s saying is right” or you wouldn’t be able to move on.
-That’s right. Also, we have to have the same basic values, or that wouldn’t be true. I feel like the band is blessed with that.

--Also, you can say that arguments prove that the band is healthy. Especially since there are other bands that don’t bother to face the other members.
--There is nothing like that in the GazettE’s case. We’re very open with each other, and we properly state our own opinions. But in exchange, we never back down (laughs). In any case, I’m the one that yields (laughs).

--No, I think that your helpful* existence is very big for the band.
-I wonder if that’s so. I don’t know myself (laughs). Whenever I try to understand my opponent’s view, I almost always think one or two steps ahead of my guess. Because of that, I can understand what he’s saying, or I can regard it with an idea like “Well, if it’s like that, it’s more like this” and instead of backing down, I think “I get it now”. So rather than giving in, I accept my opponent’s opinion.

--You can say that that stance is the image of a unique leader. Instead of pulling the band with a strong arm, you’re the type that would create harmony within the band.
-I’m told that by many people. I don’t know about it myself though (laughs). Well, the GazettE will be fine with a leader like me. Now, it came to the point where we wouldn’t believe it if someone retired from the band, and we continue with something like “Then we will be the GazettE with these four members”, or just accepting “the GazettE will be of four people” is not like us. If someone did leave, then the GazettE would be done for good. Because we all understand that, I don’t think we would do anything rash.

*The actual translation for the word, 潤滑油 (jyunnkatsuyu), is “lubricating oil”, meaning it has something to do helping things go smoothly. I just used helpful. I’m sorry for my word choice, but I couldn’t figure any other word that would fit ;A;

(Ok! This concludes the first part (of many others) of Kai’s interview. I hope you enjoyed it! Please be patient for the next part! It takes a while to translate, and it’s a long interview.

Look forward to the rest!)

Next part

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You're very welcome ^^
I was wondering why no one bothered translating it yet; It's a huge interview! So I thought, why not? ^^
Please do! :3 I'll do my best!

Thanks so much!!!! I was waiting for somekind of translation for the interview. Thanks again!!

You're welcome :3 I was too, it's such an important one! I'm glad I had it ^^

Thank you so much for taking the time and the effort to translate Kai's interview!!! <3 I've been hoping someone would, because I've been dying to know what he talks about and my Japanese is far from the level where I can read it myself. :)

You're welcome <3 thank you for the praises >///< I feel like I don't know enough about Kai :P and Japanese is difficult. I'm half-japanese, and I can't say I speak it fluently ^^; the fact that you just speak a little is impressive! Ganbatte! ^^

I'm always curious as to the things Kai has to say. Thank you for translating and sharing!

Me too! I feel like there isn't as much about Kai as the other members. And you're welcome ^^

Great job Yuma-chan! (^▽^) It was really fun to read.

Thanks Jamie-chan! >w< I'm glad you liked it :D

Oh lol XD
A few days ago I asked someone who also asked what he/she could translate if he/she could do this interview because no one seems to do it.
And now I see your translation here XD What coincidence.
Thanks very much for this translation! Because there are not very much Kai translations out there ;-; which I find very sad. (since he also is my fav member XD)
Okay the other person suggests it's because he is the hardest one to translate.. Hmm I don't know XD
BUT! I am curious about the other parts and will wait patiently. He really does say cute words <3 hahhhh.
Haha XD
Sooo have a nice day, ne? *3*

Oh really? What luck, huh? ^^
You're very welcome. I've noticed that too! Our leader-sama deserves more attention!
I guess I see why it's harder. He probably uses more vocabulary and stuff. But I'm having fun with his! I'm learning a lot from him >w<
He does say the cutest things. I really want to know more about him ^^
Oh thank you >.< You too! ^-^

Thank you so much for the translation! This interview will be really interesting. I am so glad whwenever we have a glimpse at Kai sama's view of things. He definitely deserves more attention. :)

Btw, do you mind if I translate it (and the subsequent parts as well) into Hungarian. I won't forget to show credits, of course. ^^

No problem ^^ It is quite interesting so far, isn't it? I can't wait to show you guys the rest! He doesn't get enough attention, our leader-sama >.<

Oh please, go ahead! I've already had people translate it in Spanish, lol. I was quite surprised. Thank you for telling me ^-^

I've got so much love for this I don't even know where to begin. I reallyyyyy appreciate this so much. Thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to reading about Kai-san in the upcoming parts! <3 <3

I know! I was squealing while translating it, it's fun to know what they're up to behind the scenes, especially how their arguments go XD I'm glad you enjoy it! I'll do my best to provide you the rest! <3

Thanks a lot for translating this :)
I will be looking forward to the next part!

You're very welcome! ^-^ Please do! I'm about half way through the next part! :3

Thank you for the translation! It is so interesting. I translated it into Russian, I hope you don't mind. Of course, I noted your credits. Here you can see it http://vk.com/topic-30859489_27580260

Wah! It's so cool! >w< Thank ou for telling me and crediting me! Look forward to the next translations. They're talking about Tokyo Dome! ^^

Thank you for translation~
This is Kai being LOL
The way he thoughts and acts ~


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